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Burglar Alarm and Bio Metric

Time & Attendance Solutions

eSSL Time & Attendance Management solutions are built on well proven Client / Server or Web based technology integrated with Biometric (Fingerprint/Face/Palm) and Smart card readers which help you in managing attendance of all your employees who are spread across various locations, branches & departments.

Access Control Systems

eSSL IP Linked access control system offers the simplest solution to restrict access to certain buildings, or areas within buildings beyond the traditional lock-and-key mechanism. Our devices such as finger print, palm, iris and face readers integrated with smart i‘ card readers bring you the highest level of security & accuracy.

Visitor Management System

eSSL Client / Server Visitor Management software is designed to “facilitate the organization in doing away with the manual process of filling up of visitor passes. Computer generated passes are instead printed on to a self adhesive sticker, which can be easily displayed on the garment of the visitor.

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance CCTV Systems

eSSL security surveillance systems offer excellent remote surveil- lance functionality for better monitoring. We offer a complete range of surveillance cameras that include indoor security cameras, in- frared surveillance day/night cameras, and vandal proof security cameras designed to withstand abuse.

Canteen Management System

eSSL Biometric-fingerprint/Smart card based user friendly canteen management system can authenticate the employees, print coupons realtime and sends data to the server. This enables easy and quick access to the canteen reports.

Custom Applications

Our technical team specializes in the development of custom software products, client/server enterprise solutions and embedded applications. Our in-depth engineering strength enables us to systatically present cutting-edge products. We innovate at every phassionals to make sure that the products you get are of a leading edge.