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Solar energy ITTI Solar Traning program designed and conducted by expert trainer realtime experienced in training Renewable Energy to corporate groups and individual batches, both theory and practical applications in construction, installing and troubleshooting. A well-designed curriculum designed through industry consultations is geared towards enriching the student’s skills. Internships through industry collaborations enhance the student’s employability.

Content of Solar Power Training

  • Introduction Solar Renewable Energy
  • Difference Between Electricity & Solar Power
  • Difference Between AC & DC
  • AC & DC Measurement
  • Concept of Solar Power
  • What is Photovoltaic
  • Solar Cell properties
  • What is Thermal
  • What is ON Grid
  • What is OFF Grid
  • Series and Parallel effects
  • Benefits of Solar power
  • How Solar power works
  • Solar Panel Manufacture
  • Solar Panel Concepts
  • Charge Controller
  • Solar Batteries
  • How to calculate Current Usage?
  • Design Procedure of Solar Power System for varoius projects
  • Case Studies of Solar Projects
  • Solar Lighting Concepts
  • Solar water heater technologies
  • Economics of Project and Budgeting
  • Battery & Its Working Functions
  • Battery calculations
  • Calculate Total Load
  • Solar Wiring & Connect Solar PV Systems
  • Solar Mounting & options for Roof & Ground
  • Project Design & Marketing Tips.
  • How To get JOB & How to Start Own Service Center
  • Indian Govt. Support for New Entrepreneur