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Access Control Systems Training

"Access control systems have been gaining a lot of attention during the last decade and the employment opportunities provided by the same is beyond excellent. We have designed the best access control systems training program in India that will help the candidates kick start their career in fashion. The short-term course aimed to provide thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of the workings of various access control systems is the best access control systems training in Kochi that one can confidently rely on. Door access control is a complete solution for controlling access and recording the event. The system involves a identification badge, a door reader, a controller and a host software application. Inner Range Access control products offer integration with a host of commercial grade access control hardware and software management solutions. Technological development and integration combined with sophisticated software have allowed access control systems to be extended embracing many other security techniques. This training course develops the delegates knowledge by delving into emerging product innovations including biometrics, TCP/IP, RFID and smart cared solutions, all of which are likely to be used in new security systems or to enhance those already in existence."

Learning Objectives

"Understand the fundamental elements that make up an Access Control System. Fit the principal components of a stand-alone system and networked systems. Connect and programme a card, keypad and proximity stand alone system. Effectively connect up, test and fault-find system elements. Be aware of the issues associated with Access Control Systems. Have an awareness of the changing technology and it’s impact on the industry"


  • Access Control Introduction
  • Elements of basic and advanced, insecure and secure Access systems.
  • Stages of Access Control: – Identification, Decision, Action.
  • Control Components: – Reader, Keypad, Receiver, Lock.
  • Terms: – magnetic strip, proximity, biometrics, card-free access, readers and tokens.
  • Potential weakness and vulnerability of poor system design.
  • Standalone, Networked and Computer based systems.
  • Locks: – Mechanical and electromechanical, mortise and rim release units.
  • Storing information gathered by an access control system
  • Cables: – Types, uses, and applications, Power Supply Units.
  • Biometrics access control systems explained
  • Topology of traffic barriers, gates and turnstiles, safety considerations
  • Implementation of standards and procedures
  • Integration of electronic security
  • IP networked access control systems
  • Installation of IP networked access systems
  • Understanding protocols and use of third party readers and cards
  • Installation of hands free access control
  • Third Party protocols of readers and cards
  • Commissioning access control systems
  • Card security, legislation and protection of data
  • Planning and design of sophisticated access control systems
  • British and European standards
  • Anti-passback technologies